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Winter Walking

Experiencing a winter day high on a mountain when there are blue skies and sunshine is an exhilarating and magical experience but navigating in winter is very different to summer. It can often be windy, cold and snowing and you may be using an ice-axe too, but when you rise to the challenge and reach the summit the sense of achievement is tremendous.

For safe walking in winter a variety of skills are required. The basics such as kicking and cutting steps, cramponning and ice axe arresting are easy to learn and will become second nature with practise. Most people find ice axe arresting great fun as it involves a lot of sliding down gentle slopes in a variety of positions before confidently stopping with your ice axe.

It is important you study the kit list we provide you with and discuss any queries you may have well in advance. Boots are often a problem but we can arrange for hire.


Winter Walking - a variety of skills are required

"We just want to thank you so much for a wonderful week. You really did a great job taking care of us all.
The two of you must be the most inspiring individuals we ever met =).
We totally fell in love with Scotland and as we said we are coming back as soon as possible."