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"I so enjoyed my day with you doing what you do best, climbing and kayaking. I think you are wonderful teachers and enthusiasts of the sport that it was easy to believe that anyone could do these things too, although I do know that it takes a lot of skill and determination to get to your level of expertise Thank you so much for showing me what was possible." - Penn


Do I need to have previous experience of my chosen activities?
No, not at all - we take you step by step through from the basics upwards so it's easier to progress and develop your skills.
Do I have to be fit?
We ensure our activities are tailored to suit your level of fitness whatever that may be because we want you to feel comfortable whilst participating which will ultimately lead to you enjoying yourself.
Do you advise me on what clothing and equipment to bring?
Yes, we send you a list with suggestions of what to bring - we find most people have suitable clothing without spending money unnecessarily, and we are happy to chat with you and help you decide should you have any doubts. We can arrange for the hire of winter boots and actually recommend this rather than buying. All technical and activity equipment is provided.
What happens if the weather is unsuitable for the activity I have chosen?
It doesn't often happen but if conditions were so bad it would make the activity unsafe we would offer a suitable alternative.
I’m not sure if I have a head for heights but would like to try Climbing or High ropes, is this possible?
Yes of course. Most people say they are afraid of heights but it's more often the case that they are afraid of falling. Once you realise how safe our systems are, you will work through your fear and this activity will do wonders for your confidence.
I would like to try canoeing but I'm not a good swimmer, can I still have a go?
Yes of course - we don’t want you to get wet anyway but if you do fall in the water you'll be kept afloat by your buoyancy aid and we'll have you back in your canoe or on dry land within minutes.
I have never ridden a mountain bike before - is it much different to a road bike?
The basic riding is very similar but the mountain bike will feel different and it will have at least 24 gears to play. You'll be comfortable on it and with it within a short time and probably want one of your own by the end of the session! Bikes can be hired from Cairngorm Bike and Hike at Boat of Garten.
Do I need summer hill walking experience before I try winter hill walking?
We'd be happy to give you a taste of hill walking in winter but would deliberately choose a very simple route you will easily achieve and which will hopefully make you want to learn more.
Can you recommend some local accommodation?
For local accommodation, click here to read a list of hotels and bed & breakfasts we recommend.